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Extinct Childhood

Somewhere a child is crying

Somewhere a child is dying

They can't continue to live and laugh

In a world where life is a game of chance

A two month old died last night

All because his daddy was stressed and high

A little girl was her parents' punching bag

Now she's lying in a body bag.

One little thirteen month old

Was a victim of her mom's overdose.

I know these children and so many more

Made it to heaven's doors.

They were God's gift to us

But like everything else he's given us

We chose to use and abuse.

Not only is our wildlife becoming extinct,

From man's disrespect and misuse,

But our children's childhood

is becoming extinct.

Because of a "lost" society's

discontent and abuse.

Poem by Geri

ęcopyright2000 by Geri Hambrock